Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Open Consultation





The Water-Energy-Food Nexus has emerged as a useful concept to describe and address the complex and interrelated nature of our global resource systems, on which we depend to achieve different social, economic and environmental goals. Nexus is the approach needed to pursue sustainable development via an integrated use of resources to satisfy basic needs on a global scale.


The position paper, based on the work of the Euro-Mediterranean Experts Group (EMEG) established in the framework of MedSpring project, intends to describe the process that has led to the development of a logical frame to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the complex interactions and trade-offs among water, energy and food (W-E-F). By submitting a set of recommendations – both technical and political - for the Euro-Mediterranean research agenda, this position paper also aims to support the EC in the identification of policy and research priorities when designing ad-hoc initiatives/calls addressing the nexus.


A draft of the Nexus Position Paper: “A frame for a comprehensive understanding of Water-Energy-Food Nexus” is available here.


This survey is part of a consultation process aimed to validate and provide inputs to the Nexus Position Paper: “A frame for a comprehensive understanding of Water-Energy-Food Nexus”, a document developed by the MedSpring Euro-Mediterranean Expert Group (EMEG) during its 3rd Meeting held in Malta from 30 September to 2 October 2015, in the frame of the EU-funded project MEDSPRING “Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research and Innovation Gateway” (FP7-INCO no.311780).


The aim is to gather feedback on the specific objectives to be achieved and on possible actions to be undertaken to support an integrated and multi-Water-Energy-Food sectoral approach to the sustainable management of water, energy and food able to guarantee long-term supply and equitable access to all of them.


The survey is going to take you 10/15 minutes!

There are 37 questions in this survey.